Nov 14, 2020

Zigbee@Linux: Infrastructure - Setup

On my way to home automation with zigbee@linux my decision (as i wrote in this posting) was

  • Hardware
  • OS
    • Ubuntu server
  • Software
    • FHEM (which is the acronym for Freundliche Hausautomation und Energie-Messung = Friendly home automation and energy metering)
      This includes the server with MQTT infrastructure & webserver & gui based on perl
    • zigbee2mqtt
      The server which does the communication with the usb zigbee stick and talking to the MQTT infrastructure based on nodejs


The installation of FHEM was quite easy (see here) and the installation of zigbee2mqtt just worked like described here.

  1. Problem:
    FHEM is per default installed without SSL/HTTPS and without user authentication
  2. Problem:
    The communication between both components has to be setup

Here the solution for problem 1:

Login to your raspberry and type the following commands:

cd /opt/fhem
chown fhem:dialout certs
cd certs/
openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -out server-cert.pem -days 3650 -keyout server-key.pem
chown fhem:dialout *
apt  install libio-socket-ssl-perl
After that move the webgui (something like http://yourraspberry:8083) and submit the following commands on the prompt:

attr WEB sslVersion TLSv12:!SSLv3
attr WEB HTTPS 1

And then open your webfrontend with https://yourraspberry:8083.

To add a user:


echo -n fhem:MYPASSWD| base64


attr WEB basicAuth BASE64String

 The second problem will be solved on a future posting. Just wait...

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