Nov 20, 2020

ZigBee@Linux: Getting Data from ZigBee Devices via MQTT to InfluxDB and Grafana

Getting sensors with zigbee integrated with my linux raspberry pi, i did some monitoring tasks on my raspberry pi.

  1. Monitoring my raspberry pi:
    There is a very nice tutorial:
    Or even better: Just use this from grafana:
    1. add deb stable main to a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
    2. apt install grafana telegraf influxdb
    3. configure telegraf for your influxdb
    4. import the json from the above

  2. Monitoring my Fritz.Box with Grafana: 
    and follow the given tutorial
After these steps i have the following infrastructures running:
  1. zigbee2mqtt --> MQTT -->FHEM

  2. --> collectd --> InfluxDB --> Grafana

  3. raspberry --> telegraf --> InfluxDB --> Grafana

For  2 and 3 it is very easy to create graphics and the presentation looks little bit prettier than 1 (imho). 

AND there is only one frontend to configure. So what about the following chain for my zigbee sensors:

  1. zigbee2mqtt --> MQTT -->telegraf --> InfluxDB --> Grafana 

Looks like some more steps, but the telegraf --> InfluxDB --> Grafana chain is already there for monitoring my raspberry pi.

So i only had to add the following on /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf:

   servers = ["tcp://"]
   topics = [
   data_format = "json"

And after that i was able to use the data in Grafana:


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