Feb 20, 2023

LinkedIn: A Guide to Data Governance - Building a roadmap for trusted data

On linkedin from "The Cyber Security Hub" shared a nice booklet about data governance:

An like always: It is only a booklet with about 25 pages - so this is not really a deep dive into this topic, but it gives you a good overview and of course a good motivation:

These include the need to governdata to maintain its quality as well as the need to protect it. This entails the prerequisite need to discover data in your organization with cataloguing, scanning, and classifying your data to support this protection.

and if this is to abstract, you should consider the following use case (and i think this use case has to be considered):

However, for AI to become effective, the data it is using must be trusted. Otherwise decision accuracy may be compromised, decisions may be delayed, or actions missed which impacts on the bottom line. Companies do not want ‘garbage in, garbage out’.

The booklet contains the sections "Requirements for governing data in a modern enterprise", "components needed for data governance", "technology needed for end-to-end data governance" and "managing master data". All sections do not provide a walk through for achieving a good data governance, but there are many questions listed, which you should answer for your company and then move forward. 

If you already have a data governance in place: This book is a good challenge for your solution. And for sure you will find some points, which are missing :)

Feb 19, 2023

LinkedIn Topcs: Why dataverse is for everyone...

Today i got a notification from a Microsoft colleague about the following linkedin posting:

Some weeks ago i started with PowerApps - and there this "dataverse" was mentionend as well. 

If you walk through the presentation in this linkedin post, you get an idea what this dataverse can do. I found the following picture @Microsoft learn:

And there are more details, why and how dataverse can be used: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-apps/maker/data-platform/data-platform-intro#why-use-dataverse

Sounds like a kind of datawarehouse centrally in the cloud. The most interesting point (like always): How to maintain this data, so that it is really usable...

Feb 12, 2023

Review: "Cloud Native Infrastructure with Azure" provided by Microsoft

Last week Microsoft published the following linkedin post:

On linkedin often tiny booklets are offered with around 10 up to 30 pages. But this offer from Microsoft is a book with 11 section and 289 pages.
If you are interested you can get it via this link (today this is still working, 12.2.2023): https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/resources/cloud-native-infrastructure-with-microsoft-azure/

If you are not convinced: Here the table of contents:

  1. Introduction: Why Cloud Native?
  2. Infrastructure as Code: Setting Up the Gateway
  3. Containerizing Your Application: More Than Boxes
  4. Kubernetes: The Grand Orchestrator
  5. Creating a Kubernetes Cluster in Azure
  6. Oberservability: Following the Breadcrumbs
  7. Service Discovery and Service Mesh: Finding New Territories and Crossing Borders
  8. Networking and Policy Management: Behold the Gatekeepers
  9. Distributed Databases and Storage: The Central Bank
  10. Getting the Message
  11. Serverless
  12. Conclusion

Sounds like many topics i want to read about... :)