Feb 25, 2009

Oracle Web Service Manager: extract...

The last blog posting must have been read be someone from PACKT publishing, because today i was given a extract of the Oracle Web Service Manager book to publish on my blog!
So for all interested readers here an extract of chapter 6 "Digitally Signing and Verifying Messages in Web Services":


If you want read more, follow the link to complete chapter 6 or buy this book ;-)

Feb 23, 2009

Review at amazon: Oracle Web Services Manager

On the weekend i read this book:

It is a good book for OWSM beginners and administrators. It explains the basics of WS*-security. For a short introduction read my posting from last year. The book shows many screenshot for configuring OWSM for e.g. Active Directory.
Here the link to my review.
The product description states:
This book not only describes the need for Web Services security but also explains with detailed examples how to define security policies and enforce those policies using Oracle Web Services Manager. This book emphasizes how to use Oracle WSM to address various security use cases with detailed step-by-step examples to learn Oracle Web Service Manager. This is the book for those who want to learn how to Secure web services and Use Oracle WSM to configure web services security. It is mainly for Developers and Architects who want to learn how to use Oracle WSM to address the security challenges of web services and those who want to learn how to use Oracle WSM to address their security needs. If you have a basic knowledge of Web Services then this book will help you understand the need for security and how to use Oracle WSM to address the security challenges.

Feb 22, 2009

Web 2.x: eyePlorer

Today i read about a nice way to search the web:


Ok it is only in beta stage, but a nice idea to visualize searches. The semantic web is coming!
There is also a channel on youtube, where you can watch some clips about this eyePlorer.

Have fun!

Feb 6, 2009

OPN Center Champion

On my posting from 4th january i wrote about this full use license certificate. Because i was one of the first 150 in completing the Latest Business Practices Training,today i got a package from Oracle, which contained this:

Okay, another paper... so why writing about it?
In this package there was a smaller package:

Features :
  • Laser Pointer
  • Remote control page Up & Down for Powerpoint by infrared transmission
  • USB storage Drive - Storage capacity: 4GB