Oct 31, 2007

Update: Xyna Conference

The official press release is out!
Take a look at !
There will be keynotes from ORACLE, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems and the Berliner Fraunhofer FOKUS-Institut.

One Month to go ;-)

Oct 15, 2007


Last week a read about CERN...

Three years ago i finished my thesis at CERN or better at Freiburg.
Here is the homepage of my group in Freiburg:

Just from MAMI to LHC or the simulated LHC. ATLAS has measured the first myons (cosmic) and next year they will start...
Let's hope that they will find anything ;-)

Oct 12, 2007

A long time ago...

Today i found a link to a talk given 2001 at the DOAG. It was held by a colleague and was the result of the membership of GIP to the Oracle 9i beta program...
Take a look at here:

Just nice to proove, that 6 years ago personalization was already on the roadmap...