Aug 30, 2012

Review at amazon: Oracle Database XE 11gR2 Jump Start Guide

This week i read Oracle Database XE 11gR2 Jump Start Guide:
After some postings about Oracle 11 XE like
about the features and installation, reading this book was the next step to see, what is special with XE in contrast to other Oracle editions.
Packtlib says at their overview:
  • Install and uninstall Oracle Database XE on Windows and Linux environment
  • Set up local and remote database connections and resize Oracle SGA
  • Install SQL Developer, access table data, modify table data,
    understand transaction control statements and most commonly used SQL
  • Create and manage database objects like tables, indexes, constraints, views, sequences, and synonyms
  • Develop PL/SQL stored subprograms
  • Create rich and responsive applications using Oracle Application Express
  • Understand Oracle logical and physical components such as SGA, PGA, Tablespaces, and Flash Recovery Area
  • Move data between different Oracle Database XE versions
  • Upgrade Oracle Database Express Edition to other Oracle Database Editions
  • Protect and recover your database
  • Tune the database for optimal performance
This topics are all covered in the book, but most of them just at beginners level. For readers which want to start with Oracle databases especially Express Edition this book is a rich source of SQL snippets and basic administration commands. Only the chapter, which describes the different editions, is helpful for database administrators.
So i gave 4 stars at my review at amazon, because for developers, which do not work each day with Oracle databases or want to start a program and need a free database, this book is an excellent jump start. Database administrators should stay with the official documentation (but they have to read much more than the 125 pages of this book ;-)