Apr 9, 2023

LinkedIn: Microsoft 365 Backup for Dummies sponsored by Veeam

 This week Veeam published this booklet on linkedin.com for download:

The booklet contains 6 chapter - the last one is a summary "Six takeaways" like always in such "for dummies" books.

From my point of view chapter 1 & 2 can be skipped - this you should really know, if running M365 (motivation for M365 backup). 

Chapter 3 is about how the loss of files can be prevented with M365 mechanisms. This is about compliance center, retention policies and labels. But only the keywords are mentioned and no deeper insights are provided.

In chapter 4 many scenarios are described, how you can loose your data on M365. Here a quote:

I think this chapter can be skipped like chapter 1 & 2. 

Chapter 5 opens with a nice term which was new to me: BaaS - Backup as a Service. Never thought about this acronym. Completely clear, that some backups in cloud are done without having purchased storage or servers on premises. Nice thing inside this chapter: a checklist about data source, data properties and some others. Really nice.

Chapter 6 comes up with the takeaways. These are really worth reading.