Feb 18, 2017

Linux: keyring-password for wlan needed / legitimate wlan login

Each time i resume my notebook after a suspend to disk-cycle the connection to WLAN hangs with the following message:

 (Die Systemrichtlinien verhinder das Bearbeiten von Netzwerkeinstellungen für alle Benutzer / Enter password for default keyring to unlock)
I tried to fix this via network-manager with adding the hook at the checkbox "Alle Benutzer dürfen dieses Netzwerk verwenden", but this did not help at all.
The point is, that after resuming my login keyring wants a authentication with password again. But this behaviour can be easily changed with the tool seahorse.
(Installation in debian with:  apt-get install seahorse)

After starting seahorse choose "File -> New" and you will get the following dialog:
 Create a new password-keyring (Passwort-Schlüsselbund) -
 Choose a name -
 and do not enter a password (this is not really secure, but if you configure your screensaver to lock your screen with a password, this should not be a problem)
 Confirm an empty password - and the you are done.

At the end you have to delete the old keyring (the one with the password):
This is done with right clicking the appropriate item...

After all this steps you should not see this legitimate-popup anymore...

Feb 17, 2017

Review at amazon: Projektbegleitendes Projektmanagement

Today i finished the book "Projektbegleitendes Projektmanagement:

The author created a quite good reference for project and quality management. If you need a short summary of ISO 9001 or best practices for quality assurance, you will find this in a few pages.
I would like to pay particular attention to the following part: The chapters 9 to 11 contain many checklists, table of contents for some needful documents and so on...
From my point of view this is already sufficient for the purchase of this book.

If you are interested, take a look at my review at amazon.de. (like all my reviews: written in german ;-) 

Feb 12, 2017

10 years of "run like hell" - an anniversary after nearly 300 blog entries...

Ten years ago after a lecture given at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern i started this blog with this posting (about the lecture). And you can see: the link does not work anymore but the screenshot still remains after such a long time.
After this post, i owned a blog, with one entry and noticed that finding topics to write about is not really easy.
In August 2017 i started to write about Oracle products like jDeveloper, 11c, ... With more than 100 posts over 30% of the blog entries are related to Oracle. In respect to this fact my blog is listed by 2 Oracle aggregators.
But for the last three years i did not write about Oracle anymore. But nevertheless there are still readers visiting:
The blog was called 350.000 times in 10 years - not really a big site, but nearly 3000 readers per week.
So thank you for reading my postings - let's see if i will run like hell for another 10 years ;-)

Feb 11, 2017

Review at amazon: Fundamentals of 5G mobile networks

Today i read the book "Fundamentals of 5G mobile networks":

This book is a collection of 10 articles around 5G, framed by an introduction and summary from the editor Jonathan Rodriguez.

More or less every article starts with the same motivation for 5G: mobile traffic will increase 1000times form 2010 to 2020.
Here some findings from the articles:
  • 5G is not one radio access technology (RAT). It will be a collection of RATs like small cells, SON, ... (chapter 1)
  • Spectral efficiency is about 1 bps/Hz/cell - gains can be achieved with multi-antenna techniques and small cells (chapter 3)
  • 5G devices are expected to exploit spectrum opportunities efficiently on the fly (chapter 6)
  • new transceivers have to be built with excellent power saving characteristics and tunable RF frontend radio. (chapter 11)
If you are interested, take a look at my review at amazon.de. (like all my reviews: written in german ;-)