Aug 30, 2007


Erstes Tischtennisspiel erfolgreich überstanden. Eine absolute Zitterparty über die volle Distanz von 16 Spielen. Das Abschlußdoppel hat es dann gerissen!
Der einzige Nachteil: >3h Spielzeit...
Immerhin ein schöner Anfang, aber ob das so bleibt...

Aug 19, 2007

Bobby Car Racing...

Please take a look on this website.
They announce the on september the 22nd there will be the german bobby car masters. Bobby cars with the speed of about 100km per hour!

The difference between a man and a boy
is the price of the toy...

or should i say
is the hazardousness of the toy ;-)

Aug 17, 2007

Perry Rhodan: Start des neuen Zyklus...

Als Kind hatte ich irgendwann mal in der Bücherei diese silbernen Bücher entdeckt. Sciene Fiction-Bücher mit einem Hologramm vorne drauf. Absolut faszinierend...
Vor ca. 1 Jahr hat ein Kollege mir angeboten, die aktuellen Hefte (er hat ein Abo) mitzulesen. So habe ich den Terranova-Zyklus komplett gelesen und heute ist der Start für den nächsten Zyklus:
Die Negasphäre

Wer absolut nicht weiß, was/wer Perry Rhodan ist:

Aug 16, 2007

IBM supports Solaris

What a strange world...
Have you read this press release?

IBM promotes Solaris on its xSeries server. Wow...
First SCO looses its battle against Linux and now IBM sells Solaris on its servers. What will happen tomorrow?
AIX on SPARC? MacOS on Itanium? MS Office on PalmOS?

Everything is possible ;-)

Aug 15, 2007

Linux Kernel "Weather" Forecast...

Jonathan Corbet, the founder of the Linux Weekly News (LWN) hast started the "Linux Weather Forecast".
It is the attempt to predict new features, which will be implemented. You can find "current conditions", "short range forecat", "long range forecast", "Climatological timeframes" and "Weather events that may never occur".
Very nice and informative!!

Aug 14, 2007

Intel Demo Competition 2007


Intel arranged the
Intel Demoscene, where several teams produced some nice clips. The style is like the movie "Final Fantasy". Very nice!

New Feature: Tag Cloud


i added a scripts, which creates a tag cloud out of the labels of the posts of this blog. A real web 2.0 feature.
Here some more information about tag clouds from

Aug 13, 2007

Oracle DB 11g: Native Webservices


i found a nice blog about the native webservice support of Oracle database 11g. It is quite amazing.
You just have to write the right PL/SQL package and after that you can access it via an URL (the example in the blog is: http://server:port/orawsv/SCOTT/EMPCOUNT?wsdl).
I think Oracle has added the Java standalone webservice stack from the Oracle Application Server into the database.
Very nice!

Aug 12, 2007

The never ending story is ending? (SCO vs. Linux/IBM

Just fresh from

Novell owns the UNIX and UnixWare Copyrights. This seems to be the end for SCO... No more license fees from other companies and the chances for the condemnation of IBM are vanishing.



view days ago some former members of the X1-collaboration met in a pub. We just talked about the old days of working at MAMI at the Institut für Kernphysik Mainz. Our tutor Prof. Dr. Backe is since a year emeritus and still joining collaborations with other groups and institutes.
Here you can find a list with all his students (diploma & phd) which worked in his X-ray group. I am sorry to say, that there is no such link for his "Amaritium-group". Most of his students left science but some have made their way on other institutes and universities....

Aug 10, 2007

Oracle DB 11g is released!


today Oracle DB 11g is released!
Supported operating systems are:

Asianux 2.0
Asianux 3.0
Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.0
Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0
SUSE Enterprise Linux 10.0

For more information see:

Aug 7, 2007

Blogspot -> JDeveloper


i found a nice link to a blog on in german about JDeveloper
There you can find informations about Jdeveloper 11g...

Aug 6, 2007



a long time ago, my computers spend their idle time in helping the project to solve the RC5-72 challenge.

Take a look on my statistics. not bad ;-), but i did not find the right key...

Aug 5, 2007

Oracle Technology Network


just to try the snap shot feature from (move your mouse over the link):

Oracle Technology Network

I played a little bit with this nice enhancement and now you can get a preview from my links (on the right side) e.g. MyHomePage etc...
You only have to add class="snap_shots" into the link.

End-of-Life for Oracle Products...


if you are searching for the official timelines for Oracle products including Peoplesoft and others, then take a look at

This leads to

There you can download pdf with all the details for the different Oracle product.
Here the link for the database pdf.

Aug 4, 2007

Oracle related blogs


if you are searching for one source, where you can find many or nearly all Oracle Blogs, the live bookmark

There you can read everything e.g. about a fake Larry Ellison blog or vote for BI Beans.
The list is provided by Oracle.



für alle die an einer guten Seite mit Linux-News interessiert sind, kann ich sehr empfehlen.
Diese Seite hat ein gut gepflegtes Archiv von fast allen Linux-Anwendungen und es gibt jeden Tag 2-4 Updates mit Neuigkeiten. Diese sind immer aktuell und geben oft Anregungen, welche Gebiete mit Opensource/Linux abgedeckt werden können.