Nov 9, 2022

FritzBox monitoring with telegraf, influx and grafana

On year ago i wrote about adding a FritzBox to my monitoring with grafana and influxdb:

This was done with collectd.

As i wrote in i upgraded my raspberry to 22.04 and along with many minor problems, collectd was gone. (and i think it will not be added anymore.)

All other monitorings use telegraf to get the data.

And there is a solution, which provides that:

You can follow the steps on this page. If you get no data - here is the commandline which you should use to test the connection:

python3 ./TelegrafFritzBox/ -p xxxxxx -i -u fritz8490

And this should be the command, which you use in 

/etc/telegraf/telegraf.d$ cat telegrafFritzBox.conf

The reward is really a very nice dashboard:


Nov 5, 2022

Installation and running RaceResult Presenter.exe on Ubuntu

For all who are active in sports and want to run a event with

In our case we have some Linux laptops which we want to use (Windows OS licenses missing).

RaceResult consists some some components

  • SEServer2.exe
  • Presenter.exe
  • CameraServer.exe
  • Transponder.exe
  • Moderator.exe
  • RRWS.exe

We want to run the Presenter.exe on a Linux box. So first step:

Install raceresult software with wine.

Preinstallation step:

winetricks vb6run

Installation step:

wine raceresult_12.4.25.0_386_stable.exe

(the exe is provided by raceresult)

Important thing: to run the Presenter.exe you need the SEServer2.exe running as well. Because RaceResult decided to let this server listen on port 1023, the installation has to be done twice. One with sudo and one without.

For the sudo installation please select all components. For the user installation only the presenter is needed (but you can go with all as well):

Then: start the SEServer 

sudo bash
cd /root/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/race result/race result 11/SEServer2
wine SEServer2.exe

Startup the presenter as well

cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/race result/race result 11/Presenter
wine Presenter.exe

Now the next tricky thing: You got a ses file from raceresult ( Copy this in both .wine directories to ./wine/drive_c and the open this ses file in the presenter:

Bam done. :)