Nov 28, 2007

Creating Webservice with JDeveloper 11g

I found a nice link with an online demo for creating a webservice top-down with jdeveloper 11g beta.
If you can spend some time, take a look here. (i think you will need an OTN account to view this demo.)

They have completely rewritten the WSDL editor. Here a screenshot of the new style:

Oracle says:
Improved WSDL editor
The WSDL editor has been improved to provide better layout handling, including collapsible columns and validation and error feedback in design and code views. Other features to improve the WSDL editor are:
* Fast track navigation to all files implementing a WSDL *
* Extensive drag and drop operations for typical use cases
* Extensive binding options including EJB and JMS
Full support for JAX-WS
The wizards and editing tools for services and client generation now support the new JAX-WS Java EE5 standard, providing a simpler programming model than JAX-RPC and using JAX-B 2.0 for its data binding. Both annotation driven and deployment descriptor options are available.

Very nice is the feature, that you can add message part via drag & drop from XSDs... I hope iAS 11g will be released soon...

Nov 24, 2007

2XK is over...

The second xyna conference (2XK) is over. On the gip web pages you can take a look at the
official press release and get an impression.
There were keynotes given from SUN (a very humourous lecture about Wonderland Inc. from M. Jeske about second life for business), CISCO, Fokus and Oracle. AND of course the keynote from the director of the GIP research institute B. Reifenhäuser.

Here a short summary from the official agenda:

Xyna Service Factory: The fractal Telco-factory as the answer to the challenging defiances within Telco industrialization

Network abstraction as integral building block for fractal factories: Cisco next generation device and network management

Project Wonderland Inc. (Sun Laboratories): Web 2.0 for Enterprise Environments

From MetaSolv to Oracle Communication Service Fulfillment Suite: Driving Service Delivery Innovation in Communications

New FOKUS Open SOA Telco Playground: Evolution of Telco Service Platforms in Face of Network Convergence and SOA Principles

There are the first photos (including the party) available...

Nov 18, 2007


After ASUS announced the EEE for 299$, FIC will lower their price for the UMPC CE260.

You can buy this with an extent module, which is placed onto the right corner of the display...
The following modules are available:

Calendar and Clock or Skype and Bluetooth Phone; Option: TV Tuner or GPS Module

But there is no built-in webcam ;-(

EEE or CE260? Both are available with LINUX!
Let's wait for the first tests...

Nov 15, 2007

Sun Virtualization

Hmmm.. now i am getting confused:
At the Oracle Open World has Jonathan Schwartz (SUN CEO) announced SUNs Virtualization solution.
So this week Oracle launched its OVM as well as SUN launches its SUN xVM.

Here are some statements from SUN:
Host Windows, Linux and Solaris guest operating systems
Built using technology from the Xen open source project as well as Sun's Logical Domains
High availability and scalability
Advanced CPU and memory handling capabilities

At this link you can read further details about the SUN solution.
There is a community site at

So let's start with xVM? or OVM? or stay at VMWare or M$.....
(I am waiting for IBM eVM or iVM?)

Nov 14, 2007

A long time ago (part 3)

6/2005: One of the big television stations in Germany (ZDF) published a note about using Xyna Experimentierplattform for Webmining.
If you follow the link, you can download the pdf.
You can read there some numbers about the data amount:
In november 2004 59 of 86 million page impressions were analyzed. Not bad...

Nov 12, 2007

Oracle Virtualization

Oracle is going to attack VMWare and Microsofts Virtual Server:
Oracle VM

Oracle says about its new product:
Oracle VM installs directly on server hardware and does not require a host operating system. Two systems with static IP addresses are needed to install Oracle VM; one to install Oracle VM Server and one to install Oracle VM Manager.

For hardware virtualized (unmodified) guest operating systems (for example Microsoft Windows), a CPU with hardware virtualization support is required. This includes some Intel Pentium D, Core, Core2 and Xeon models, and some AMD Athlon and Opteron models.

Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 and 5;
REL3, RHEL4 and RHEL5;
Windows 2003, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP are supported on Hardware Virtualized (HV) capable hardware;

I think for Oracle Partners this is a very nice tool to test and run different Oracle products on one machine to reduce the hardware cost. Let's see if they will add support for SUSE, SLES, Debian and Solaris x86...

How to speed up your JDeveloper

It is everytime the same thing with IDEs. They do a good job, but they do it not as fast as your (x)emacs or (g)vim...
Now you can change it:
Take a look at Shay Shmeltzer's Blog.

Here are my favourites:
1. Get a better machine
4. Having delays switching back to JDeveloper from other applications?

Some more tips are at the
JHeadstart Blog.

So move on and write your sources!!!

Nov 9, 2007

A long time ago (part 2)

Hey, i found another ancient document from 2001. It is about the developing software.
Take a look at here.

5 years ago the V-model was already discussed at the Gesellschaft für Informatik. Take a look at the last page: a book was published...

I am curious, what i will find next about GIP at the world wide web....

Xyna Service Factory Blog

There is a Xyna Service Factory Blog available.
Nice to read, but only in german.

Click on the link...

Nov 3, 2007

Oracle Magazine: Xyna, GIP & Oracle...

Take a look at Oracle magazine lists my company as one out of three Oracle Certified Partners, which has announced a product based on 11g:

GIP will use Oracle Database 11g in Xyna Service Factory, GIP's integrated platform for the development, production, and lifecycle management of IP-based telecommunication services. Specifically, Oracle Database 11g is the basis for two elements of the Xyna Service Factory platform: Xyna Service Warehouse, a subscriber-centric active warehouse, and Xyna Intelligence, a subscriber touchpoint management system. GIP serves leading German and international companies in the telecommunications, information, media, and entertainment sectors.