Feb 10, 2011

SQLDeveloper Data Modeler 3.0 released

Two weeks ago SQLDeveloper 3.0 was released:

The list of new features can be found here. Some nice tutorials can be found on this page:

Documentation can be found at download.oracle.com/docs and it's free:

Feb 6, 2011

amazonmp3: error while loading shared libraries: libglademm-2.4.so.1

If you want to buy a mp3 album via amazon on a linux system, you have to use a program which can handle amz-files.
Amazon provides for this amazonmp3. But on an ubuntu 10 the provided download for Ubuntu 9.04 does not work:
error while loading shared libraries:
cannot open shared object file:
No such file or directory
Now you can try to download this lib, but then the next one is missing an again and again and...

To end not up this way, you should read this page:
There are two alternatives:

Feb 2, 2011

IPv6: Statless autoconfiguration not working on wireless networks...

If you are running a AVM FritzBox, you can easily enable IPv6 support on this FritzBox (take a look at this posting). But this is only half the way ;-).
I checked the following clients:
  • Ubuntu: autoconfiguration works just out of the box...
  • On windows client you have to enable IPv6 support and after that everything works fine...
  • Debian: there are no router solicitation (ra) messages sent... ;-(
    [and of course no ipv6-connectivity...]
After some checks it was obvious, that the wpa_supplicant-mechanism is the problem. The initialization of wpa needs up to 10s and the ra messages are sent at a time, when the wpa encryption is not set up and the kernel does not resend them.

But there is an easy workaround to resend this messages:
rdisc6 eth1
hades:/etc/network# rdisc6 eth1
Soliciting ff02::2 (ff02::2) on eth1...

Hop limit                 :          255 (      0xff)
Stateful address conf.    :           No
Stateful other conf.      :          Yes
Router preference         :       medium
Router lifetime           :         1800 (0x00000708) seconds
Reachable time            :  unspecified (0x00000000)
Retransmit time           :  unspecified (0x00000000)
 Prefix                   : 2002:5ed5:8422::/64
  Valid time              :         7200 (0x00001c20) seconds
  Pref. time              :         3600 (0x00000e10) seconds
 Recursive DNS server     : fd00::21c:55ff:fe1a:2632
  DNS server lifetime     :         1200 (0x000004b0) seconds
 MTU                      :         1280 bytes (valid)
 Source link-layer address: 00:1C:55:1A:26:32
 from fe80::21c:55ff:fe1a:2632
After that ifconfig shows a auto configured ipv6 address:
inet6-Adresse: 2002:5dd2:84d3:0:210:ff:fe0d:1244/64 Gültigkeitsbereich:Global
and the routes are set like they should:
2002:5dd2:84d3:0:210:ff:fe0d:1244/128 ::                         Un    0    1    351 lo
2002:5dd2:84d3::/64                   ::                         UAe   256  0      4 eth1
::/0                                  fe80::21c:55ff:fe1a:2632   UGDAe 1024 0     42 eth1

Just open http://test-ipv6.com: