May 19, 2021

Microsoft Teams: How to prevent Teams echo bot from constantly disturbing phone conferences

Some people have found a new hobby: Blowing up Teams meetings.

How do they achieve this?

Very easy. If you are inside a Teams meeting just go to "add members" and type in "Teams echo":

The annoying things about this: 

  • This can be done by anyone who was invited and is not limited to your organzation
  • On Linux you are not able to invite the Team Echo
  • The lobby does not work for Teams Echo - that means he will join you and you have to chance to get rid of that.
  • You can not mute Teams Echo

Then click on this and you will get the following experience:


There is one hint i found: 

Microsoft itself does not really understand the issue:

But this does not work, because you do not find a "Teams echo app" inside 

The problem is known:

If you know how to prevent this: Please leave a comment...