Mar 12, 2009

GlobalStats: web statistics

Statcounter has released a web interface for everyone, where you can get statistics about browers, operating system for different countries and regions about all projects which included a counter from statcounter... (like this blog).
Here a screenshot:

So first week of decembre nearly 10% percent of all internet users changed from internet exporer to firefox. If you are interested get your own statistics:

Mar 8, 2009

Cloning servers/changing hardware: network problem with eth0

Last week i took a hard disk out of one computer and put it into another one.
Operating system was debian lenny, so no worries about re-activating the OS. But the computer started without bringing up the network on eth0. After some investigation i knew
  • the network card was known by the kernel:
    03:05.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5788 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 03)
  • the appropriate kernel module was loaded
  • if i changed eth0 to eth1 in /etc/network/interfaces, the second network interface was used without any problem

So what was going on here?
The only difference between the two computers was the MAC address of the NICs...
After some further investigation, here the solution:

The package udev had created a file named /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules
and this file contained the following entry:

SUBSYSTEM=="net", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTRS{address}=="00:12:34:56:78:90", NAME="eth0"

After changing the MAC inside this file, eth0 came up on the new computer like expected.

Mar 6, 2009

The lost (collaxa) BPEL-tutorials: 102.Invoking... RMI

This tutorials shows, how to invoke a BPEL process inside Oracle's PM using RMI.
To run this tutorial please deploy the CrediRatingService like shown in this posting.

Then enter the directory $ORACLE_HOME/bpel/samples/tutorials/102.InvokingProcesses/rmi. First take a look at the sample code (com/otn/samples/

Locator locator = new Locator("default","bpel",props);
IDeliveryService deliveryService = (IDeliveryService)locator.lookupService(IDeliveryService.SERVICE_NAME );
// construct the normalized message and send to collaxa server
NormalizedMessage nm = new NormalizedMessage( );
nm.addPart("payload", xml );
NormalizedMessage res = deliveryService.request("CreditRatingService", "process", nm);
Map payload = res.getPayload();

and the properties inside

and that's all.
To run this example set BPEL_HOME to $ORACLE_HOME/bpel and type
$ORACLE_HOME/ant/bin/ant javac
$ORACLE_HOME/ant/bin/ant run

The result should look like this:

oracle@mysoaserver:tutorials/102.InvokingProcesses/rmi >/opt/oracle/product/ run
Buildfile: build.xml

[copy] Copying 1 file to $ORACLE_HOME/bpel/samples/tutorials/102.InvokingProcesses/rmi/classes
[echo] JRMI Client on ias_10g app-server
[java] ssn is 123-12-1234
[java] {java.naming.provider.url=opmn:ormi://gipsun173.gip.local:6003:oc4j_soa/orabpel, java.naming.factory.initial=com.evermind.server.rmi.RMIInitialContextFactory, orabpel.platform=ias_10g,,}
[java] BPELProcess CreditRatingService executed!<br>
[java] Credit Rating is <rating xmlns="">560</rating>

Total time: 12 seconds

You can find all bpel tutorials on this blog via this link.

Mar 5, 2009

EyePlorer: continued...

Two weeks ago i posted about eyePlorer. Martin Hirsch added a comment, that the developers of eyePlorer try to improve the software every two weeks.
First i searched for physics:

Ok. Nothing special. All search results are put on this plane and the results are grouped in coloured sections. But now take one of the points and drag it to the plus. I chose experimental physics because of my own history:

And this feature is really nice. This does not work with many topics, because eyePlorer has not yet filled its database. But i think its a nice proof of concept...