Jun 22, 2008

The lost (collaxa) BPEL-tutorials: 101.HelloWorld

There are many people who want to get used to BPEL in particular to Oracle BPEL PM. Now if you search the ORACLE_HOME of your Oracle Application Server 10g, you will find the following diretory:

In this directory there are many samples like 101.HelloWorld. The samples were built as the BPEL engine was not yet bought from Oracle. And this is the problem of this samples. You can not find any document, where these are described. I only found this reference:
BPEL4WS 101 Tutorial. Learn BPEL through an example

So i think, it would be helpful, if i explain some of the tutorials here on my blog....
Let's start with this 101.HelloWorld:

So what does this example tell us?
Nothing special. Just the typical Hello World AND HOW TO SET UP EVERYTHING (like connecting jdeveloper and BPEL PM, Deploying a BPEL, Testing a BPEL, ...)

Download jdeveloper
Unzip the file
Start jdeveloper (JDEV_HOME/jdeveloper.exe on Windows or JDEV_HOME/jdev/bin/jdev on Linux)
Create an application (File->New or for deeper understanding read here
Open the HelloWorld.jpr (just answer the migration dialog with yes)
DoubleClick HelloWorld.bpel and testHelloWorld.xml

Then you should see this (after dragging one tab to the right):

To get the BPEL running, you have to perform the following:
JDeveloper: Setting up an application server connection
JDeveloper: Setting up an integration server connection
JDeveloper: Deployment of a BPEL
Login to you BPELConsole (yourwindowsserver:80/BPELConsole or yourunixserver:7777/BPELConsole)
Automated testing of a BPEL (you have to do first Deploying a test suite and second Running a test suite).

So this is all you can learn from this 101.HelloWorld tutorial: Deploy a BPEL and do an automated test.

You can find all bpel tutorials on this blog via this link.

UPDATE: You can find the 101.HelloWorld with SOA Suite 11g here.

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