Jan 16, 2008

SUN buys MySQL

Just read on Jonathan Schwarz Blog that SUN buys MySQL.
SUN will pay 800.000.000$ for this aquisition.
Why have they done this step? Jonathan Schwarz says:
This puts products like MySQL in an interesting position. They're a part of every web company's infrastructure, to be sure. And though many of the more traditional companies use MySQL (from auto companies to financial institutions to banks and retailers), many have been waiting for a Fortune 500 vendor willing to step up, to provide mission critical global support.

With this acquisition, we will have done just that - positioned Sun at the center of the web, as the definitive provider of high performance platforms for the web economy. For startups and web 2.0 companies, to government agencies and traditional enterprises. This creates enormous potential for Sun, for the global free software community, and for our partners and customers across the globe. There's opportunity everywhere.

So we have four big players: Microsoft (SQL-Server, Windows Server, .NET), IBM (DB2 / Informix, AIX, Websphere), SUN (MySQL, Solaris, Sun Java System Application Server / GlassFish), and Oracle (Oracle DB / Berkeley DB / TimesTen, Oracle Unbreakable Linux, Oracle Application Server). Each competitor has its own VM concept (for Oracle and SUN see further posting).
But the world does not is not only made of DB, OS and AS....

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