Jan 19, 2008

Review at amazon: Transactions with Web Service... (transl.)

I read a book which was promoted with:
Web services fit very good for distributed transactions. ... The author will introduce the basics and explain the standards WS-Coordination and WS-Atomic-Transaction. The book will show a realization in detail.

But the book does not live up with its promise. The author modelled the coordinator with BPEL (from Active Endpoints) and ended up with the conclusion: Only the A from ACID was realized. The CID was ignored....
To read my recension in detail take a look here.

If you really want to modell the coordinator in BPEL then use Oracle BPEL PM, because this persists the complete BPEL with its state (ok only before , checkpoint(), ) in the Oracle Database. And you have native adapters to Websphere MQ or Oracle AQ, which gives you a transaction save protocol for message communication....

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