Jan 25, 2008

Data Management for Oracle BPEL PM

If you are searching for documentation to manage the Oracle BPEL schema, you will find the following:

FIRST: Official links:
Tables Impacted By Instance Data Growth
Best Practice Guide: Dehydration Store Management: 10-25
which leads to this link.
and last but no least:
Clemens Utschigs Best Practices: unzip the file and look at BestPractices/BPEL/BPEL_Purging_DehydrationStore.
SECOND: Unofficial blogs:
Delete BPEL instances and if you use some search engine you will find some more blogs with similar content...
THIRD: Metalink:
Subject: How to purge BPEL audit tables to avoid growing tablespace issues ?

Ok. For BPEL installations with few workflows per day this is enough but what is with high rate systems, where no downtime is allowed?
Oracle provides very nice features like transportable tablespaces and partitioning (see my blog entry here) . Why are these features are not included in the Oracle BPEL installation?
But this is not really a problem, because at this point Oracle Partners like GIP can provide additional features in their products....

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