Dec 27, 2007

A first look at BPEL & SOA with jdeveloper 11g

Jdeveloper 11g beta 3 is ready for download...
What is new? It is the first preview with included BPEL modeler.
I was told that 11g everthing is based on SCA (service component architecture).
This changes the design process for BPELs, because now you can add more than one BPEL process to a project. Here the first screenshots:

First you have to add a SOA project

Then you can choose several composites (emtpy, with BPEL, with HumanTask..)

Then you get a BPEL process like you know it from jdeveloper 10g:

The only changes are some graphic enhancements for the drag and drop..
Now to the composite view:

This shows the like SCA requires the structure of a composite with services, references and properties...

Now you can add another BPEL into this composite:

and the your composite looks like

Now you could model the relationship between the BPEL with drag and drop, but this is senseless for this example.
So i hope this was enough for a short impression to jdeveloper 11g ...

Update: Here a posting covering the production version of SOA Suite 11g!

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