Nov 9, 2022

FritzBox monitoring with telegraf, influx and grafana

On year ago i wrote about adding a FritzBox to my monitoring with grafana and influxdb:

This was done with collectd.

As i wrote in i upgraded my raspberry to 22.04 and along with many minor problems, collectd was gone. (and i think it will not be added anymore.)

All other monitorings use telegraf to get the data.

And there is a solution, which provides that:

You can follow the steps on this page. If you get no data - here is the commandline which you should use to test the connection:

python3 ./TelegrafFritzBox/ -p xxxxxx -i -u fritz8490

And this should be the command, which you use in 

/etc/telegraf/telegraf.d$ cat telegrafFritzBox.conf

The reward is really a very nice dashboard:


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