Mar 22, 2018

Oracle VM Server x86: Discovering a server/node + setting up a repository, server pool and networking

Let's put the things together:
The Oracle VM Manager has to discover the node. Inside the web GUI (https://yourhost:7002/ovm/console)  clickt on the right icon:

Then give your password and the ip(s):

And then you can see the node details (if the connections does not fail):

The next step is to create a repository. To achieve this, you have to add a additional hdd on the oracle VM server/node, without mounting this on the server/node.
Then disover the local storage:
After "rescan phyiscal disks" it is possible to create a repository:

Still something missing: a server pool:

 Attention: Uncheck the "Clustered Server Pool" option:

And last but not least: networking...

Check, that your network is available for "Virtual Machine"

 Next posting i will show the creation of a virtual machine...

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