Mar 3, 2018

Oracle database 18c: Installation via RPM

After the release of 18c i did a short dive into the "guide to new features" announced on

 And take a look, what can be found in "Database Overall -> Install, config, and patch":

RPM-based Database Installation
RPM-based Database Installation (RDI) enables an RPM-based installation of the Oracle Database software. Using the rpm-ivh command, an RPM-based database installation performs the preinstallation validations, extracts the packaged software, reassigns the ownership of the extracted software to the preconfigured user and groups, maintains the Oracle inventory, and executes all the root operations required to complete the Oracle Database software installation.
RPM-based Database Installation enables you to leverage an RPM framework to easily deploy Oracle Database.
A kind of rpm installation was introduced for the installation of grid infrastructure in 12.2 (oracle documentation): Image based installation
So no worries, you have to start the after rpm -i. But let's see, how you have to specify the Oracle_Home in this rpm-process.

EDIT: On 20th july 2018 the documentation is released. See here.
EDIT2: October 2018: Installation done via rpm

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    based on

    "Starting with Oracle Database 18c, you can use the Oracle Preinstallation RPM and the rpm -ivh command to perform an RPM-based Oracle Database installation. RPM-based installation is supported for single-instance Oracle Database on Oracle Linux systems only."