Oct 15, 2017

Oracle SOA Suite developer IDE: Creating a BPEL process (101HelloWorld)

After downloading and installing jdeveloper SOA Suite edition here a short 101 for building a BPEL process. (Nearly 10 years ago i posted the lost collaxa tutorials: 101.HelloWorld. All of these tutorials can be found here.)

First you have to start your jdeveloper (Middleware/Oracle_Home/jdeveloper/jdev/bin/jdev) and choose "All Features":
Then create a new application:
and choose SOA application:
and walk through the application wizard:
application wizard 2/3
application wizard 3/3
application wizard 3.1/3 (create BPEL process)

and here we are:

a right click onto the blue BPELProcess1 icon and "edit" opens the BPEL process:

On the right hand to this process you can find the components palette:

Now drag and drop the assign icon between the receiveInput and replyOutput node:

A right click to the Assign node and choosing "edit" will open up this dialog:

You can do this mapping via drag and drop:

and finished!

A nice feature of jdeveloper is the "History" tab, where you can compare changes within the XML:

Next posting i will show, how you can run this BPEL process within the jdeveloper builtin weblogic server.

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