Aug 23, 2016

Journalismus, den die Welt braucht. Teil 3 | Pearls of journalism. Part 3

Yippie! I got a new release of IT-BUSINESS:
 And inside there was really nice article:
aha. I did not get this, but there is a magic weapon called chain management. Let's see what Google Translate does with this text:
Channel conflict threatens

The comparison of the "delivery price of Distribution" (blue line) with the average "sales price of Channels" (green line) makes it clear that price reductions on the part of distribution only be partially passed through the channel to the end customer. This focuses thus partially more on profit than on volume growth. A coordinated supply chain management is the solution to avoid such a channel conflict and specifically to develop benefits for participants
I think the english text is much more understandable than the german version...

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