Aug 5, 2016

Journalismus, den die Welt braucht. Teil 1 | Pearls of journalism. Part 1

Today i browsed the magazine IT-BUSINESS  and read some really annoying articles. It was just words without building meaningful setences. It was so stunned, that i decided: I have to do something...

The  following idea came into my mind:
What about translating the part of the article, which i did not understand via Google Translate? Perhaps in english it sounds more meaningful (and more than 20% of the words are just technical terms in english...)

And after Google Translate:

Matching promotional concepts

In replacement markets optimization of promotional activities is one of the easiest ways to improve the profit. A price reduction associated with the direct delivery into the channel leading to a significant decline in sales in the distribution. A channel conflict could follow: The inventory turnover in the distribution decreases the Profitabliltät in the width of the channels decreases. It is a further price action required to stimulate demand again. It is more settled, for all concerned but worsens the profit situation.
Wow. It is really easier to understand this...

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