Oct 10, 2012

Nexus 7 and Navigation: Finding the best app...

In my last posting about navigation with Nexus 7 the conclusion was:
  • Google maps: calculating routes offline not possible
  • Google navigation: see abouve

One comment of a reader suggested the application "navfree". One of the postings which i found with Google search (the last one) suggested "CoPilot GPS". Both application can be installed without paying, so i tried both:


  • Zoom: only +/- buttons, no two finger gesture
  • Units: metric possible
  • 2D and 3D
  • Searching "Rüsselsheim, Am Waldschwimmbad: not found
    (but found on the map and could be chosen via map as destination)
  • map size (only Germany): ca. 900MB


  • Zoom: +/- buttons and two finger gesture
  • Units: metric possible
  • only 2D (3D purchasable)
  • Searching "Rüsselsheim, Am Waldschwimmbad: found
  • map size (Germany, Austria, Switzerland): ca. 320MB

I think, i will try both for some days and then take my decision, because both apps look quite good. But let's see wether navfree will find the next destinations, i want to drive to.

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