Jun 5, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8: 0x0000005D - i am not alone...

Two days ago i wrote about installing windows 8 and about hitting the error 0x0000005D. Yesterday more than 400 people visited this posting. All with querying google with keywords like:
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There are many folks out there, which are trying to install windows 8 and getting stuck with "unsupported processor". This is only little comfort for me, but as the headline says: i am not alone


  1. It won't be an issue when it is finally released, so ultimately it isn't a problem... But I would just like to test it out for myself and it seems I am unable to :(.

  2. same here....i tried to install the windows 8 Release preview on a Virtual machine (Oracle VM Virtual Box) and also getting this error code: 0x0000005D.
    I did manage to install the Windows 8 Consumer Preview which was released a few months ago with no issues at all....

  3. ok , i found the solution. You have to go to BIOS and enable the "protected memory" option which is disabled by default. This option prevent segments of memory to be writen by malicius code , usually viruses. If you enable this option then the setup continues normally. The name of the BIOS option might differ from BIOS to BIOS !

  4. http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/26800/windows-8-on-virtualbox-and-vmware-your-pc-needs-to-restart-fix/

  5. I have the final release, same problem. Im not even running it on a vm!

  6. ^-^ I Got an exactly same message from MS Win8... I feel comfortable that I am not alone...lol

  7. requires a vt machine. problem solved

  8. Enable "No-Execute Memory Protection" in your BIOS and problem solved :)

  9. Enabled and got the same problem...

  10. Enabled and got the same problem...

  11. Es wird ein Problem sein, weil ich die endgültige Version zu haben und ich bin immer diese gleichen Fehler

  12. I have hp d530 cmt computer with 3.0 ghz processo i got same problem please tell me that can i install windows 8

  13. Hi, Strange I get same error when try to install windows 8 pro original version, has on the same computer had windows 8 release preview for 6 or 8 month and has been working like a clock no problem to install but now when try to install gets this error. Wonder what is the difference between the preview version and the version who is now comming?

  14. I’m going to have to finalky stop using MS Virtual PC 2007 with this problem. http://geekswithblogs.net/Plumbersmate/archive/2013/10/23/irsquom-going-to-have-to-stop-using-ms-virtual-pc.aspx

  15. Error Code 0x0000005d: Your PC needs to restart. Please hold down the power button. So let's fix error 0x0000005d in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

    Solved: Error Code 0x0000005d In Windows 8/8.1