Aug 15, 2009

Migrating BPEL projects from 10g to 11g (example: 101.HelloWorld)

On this blog i started more than one year ago with the lost (collaxa) BPEL-tutorials. My first posting was the 101.HelloWorld.
Now after the arrival of Oracle's application server 11g i decided to do all the tutorials again to see what has changed. So let's start:
First you need to download jdeveloper 11g and add the bpel components.
Then get the old bpel tutorials (you can copy them from an 10g installation area: /opt/oracle/product/
After that open jdeveloper and create an application:

Then you have to create a project, even we do not need this here:

Then you can click finish.
Now choose open and select the HelloWorld.jpr:

This starts the migration wizard:

And the wait:

Done! So let's see what happened.
Ok, much more files than in 10g:

The bpel itself has one transformation more than before:

Opening the transformation, i got the following error:

But after restarting jdeveloper, i was able to access this xslt.

In addition a composite was generated:

The test suite was migrated, too

As a difference to 10g the tests are added at composite level and not inside the bpel (the blue arrow inside the light blue circle).

Double clicking this arrow opens this dialog:

And Generate Sample does really work (it changes Kireet to name1 ;-)....
Deploying and checking will be done in another posting.

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