May 11, 2009

Windows 7: Changing Network Parameters (like enabling DHCP)

There were many statements about Windows 7 and usability. So i tried to find a way to switch from DHCP to fixed ip-addresses.
First guess was on clicking on the network interface symbol in the task bar in the right corner... But from there i only got to screenshot 3 and i did not recognize, that this was the right panel. So here my way starting with the control panel:

Ok, network related topics should be unter the Network and Internet icon:

This windows was a little bit confusing. There are these four entries under Change your networking settings, but this tiny link Local Areal Connection led me to this familiar window:

and here we are:

I don't know, if this is the only way for changing from DHCP to fixed ip-adresses. There should be another way with less clicks...

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