Oct 22, 2008

The lost (collaxa) BPEL-tutorials: 102.InvokingProcesses

After some non-BPEL related blog entries, the next BPEL tutorial. I started with the tutorials 101 (setting up your environment), 103 (XML fragments), 104 (sync BPEL), 105 (async BPEL). Now i think it is time to look how BPEL processes can be invoked.
Let's start with invoking via Perl:

To get this perl script running the helloWorld (101) has to be deployed. It very easy, just type

and just check, that the process was really invoked in the BPELConsole

That's all. You only have to import

use LWP::UserAgent;
inside the Perl script and create a SOAP request.

This example was only the invocation of the asynchronous HelloWorld without waiting for the response. In the same directory you can find the
invokeCreditRatingService.pl. This scripts waits for the response of the BPEL process, but you have to deploy the CreditRatingService:

You can find it in $ORACLE_HOME/bpel/samples/utils/CreditRatingService (There is a CreditRatingService.jpr inside, so you can open it in your JDeveloper).
Invoking this BPEL via perl will show the following output:

And as you can see the perl script gets the result (560) of the BPEL...

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