Feb 24, 2008

UMPC: Elonex ONE

There is another new competitor for Asus' EEE. A british company named Elonex announced a umpc for less than 130 Euro (without tax). Here the link to the homepage of the Elonex ONE.
The laptop should contain
integrated WiFi, flash-based memory (undisclosed amount), "tough" outer shell, a wireless music server, and a three-hour battery life.

(cited from http://www.mobilemag.com) and it should run on Linux. Further details will be provided on the Education Show 2008 at 28th february:

So here a short summary of all the UMPCs described further on this blog:

Noahpad (touchpad, no keyboard)
Belinea s.book 1 (touchscreen)
FIC CE260 (integrated bluetooth phone)
Asus EEE ....

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