Feb 5, 2008

InfoWorld 2008 Technology of the Year Award: Oracle SOA Suite

Sometimes people award prices just on marketing flyers and never take a deeper look into the software...
InfoWorld has given one of their Technology of the Year Award to the Oracle SOA Suite. Yes the SOA Suite is a very good piece of software especially the Oracle BPEL PM is the best BPEL engine on the market. But in their article about the SOA Suite they are talking most of the time about the Oracle ESB and the Rule Engine.
Ok, i am on Oracle Certified Professional and i am glad when Oracle wins some prices. In my opinion the ESB is a well done piece of software but it was released two years ago. Noone believes that such a newbie is better than Websphere MQ or Tibco?
Here the link to InfoWorld.

If they want to award a price to Oracle SOA Suite, they should give it because of the Oracle BPEL PM which is really the best BPEL engine around and this is the major building block of the Oracle SOA Suite....

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