Nov 28, 2007

Creating Webservice with JDeveloper 11g

I found a nice link with an online demo for creating a webservice top-down with jdeveloper 11g beta.
If you can spend some time, take a look here. (i think you will need an OTN account to view this demo.)

They have completely rewritten the WSDL editor. Here a screenshot of the new style:

Oracle says:
Improved WSDL editor
The WSDL editor has been improved to provide better layout handling, including collapsible columns and validation and error feedback in design and code views. Other features to improve the WSDL editor are:
* Fast track navigation to all files implementing a WSDL *
* Extensive drag and drop operations for typical use cases
* Extensive binding options including EJB and JMS
Full support for JAX-WS
The wizards and editing tools for services and client generation now support the new JAX-WS Java EE5 standard, providing a simpler programming model than JAX-RPC and using JAX-B 2.0 for its data binding. Both annotation driven and deployment descriptor options are available.

Very nice is the feature, that you can add message part via drag & drop from XSDs... I hope iAS 11g will be released soon...

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  1. where is a nice tutorial to make a webservice with wsdl for 11g?
    like this one: just more recent...