Nov 24, 2007

2XK is over...

The second xyna conference (2XK) is over. On the gip web pages you can take a look at the
official press release and get an impression.
There were keynotes given from SUN (a very humourous lecture about Wonderland Inc. from M. Jeske about second life for business), CISCO, Fokus and Oracle. AND of course the keynote from the director of the GIP research institute B. Reifenhäuser.

Here a short summary from the official agenda:

Xyna Service Factory: The fractal Telco-factory as the answer to the challenging defiances within Telco industrialization

Network abstraction as integral building block for fractal factories: Cisco next generation device and network management

Project Wonderland Inc. (Sun Laboratories): Web 2.0 for Enterprise Environments

From MetaSolv to Oracle Communication Service Fulfillment Suite: Driving Service Delivery Innovation in Communications

New FOKUS Open SOA Telco Playground: Evolution of Telco Service Platforms in Face of Network Convergence and SOA Principles

There are the first photos (including the party) available...

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