Feb 3, 2021

Windows 10 & Office 2010: File Explorer crashes by clicking on a Office document

After an upgrade from whatever version to windows 10, Microsoft installs the office 365 apps. This leads to a crashing explorer (including a restart of the menu bar of the desktop).


The funny thing: If you start the word/excel/... first and then use the "open file" inside your office application everything works. The file chooser has no problem and does not freeze.

The solution is very easy:
Just deinstall the office 365 app. 

All the other solutions, which are proposed in the internet do not work. Like

  • Do a repair on your office application via system settings --> programs
  • Disable the preview feature for the file explorer
  • Disable custom shell extensions for the file explorer
  • Do a clean windows reinstall (<-- this was really a tip)

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