Nov 17, 2019

Alpine Linux, Oracle Java JDK and musl?! - why it does not work...

Sometime ago i did some work with Alpine Linux (s. here) and i was impressed how tiny this Linux distro was and how fast it was running.

So i decided after nearly 6 years of running an aircraft noise measuring station (for with Ubuntu to change to Alpine Linux.

This station runs a software on Java and needs RXTX, because the microphone is connected via USB and is read over /dev/ttyUSB0.

What is the problem with this setup?
  • RXTX needs a Java which is running on glibc
  • Alpine Linux does not run on glibc
If you are not aware of this problem, you get some errors like
./javaash: java: command not found
and this happens even if you are in the right directory and java got the execute bit configured.

Alpine Linux changed to musl:
There are some other libc implementations (take a look here).
The homepage is

 And a comparison to other libc can be found at

There are some workarounds to get applications build with glibc running on Alpine Linux, but i did not get to run my aircraft noise measuring station - i switched to Debian - because i needed a 32bit Linux for my very old UMPC...

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