Mar 7, 2019

Microsoft Azure: Administration of Virtual Networks / Diagrams

After creating my first vm on Microsoft Azure, i took a closer look at the dashboard - especially at the menu bar of the dashboard:
First point of interest was the menu item "virtual networks", which led me to the following overview:
Hm. A little bit strange, that the virtual networks just show up with a list of the resource groups (you have to create one - otherwise you are not able to launch a virtual machine). But after doing a click on the resource group, a nice overview to my virtual network was provided:

The menu bar in the middle contains the entry "diagram". So let's see, what kind of diagram Azure will present:

The green item represents the network interface card. The other three items stand for the virtual machine, the network security group and public ip address. The next three screenshots show the details you can obtain, by clicking on these icons:


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