Dec 8, 2018

AWS: IAM & security - Best practices: Using a non-root user

After my successful solutions architect practice i knew that i had to take care of my shortcomings in security.
So i decided to visit the IAM (Identity and Access Managemen) of AWS:

So let's move to IAM users:
Click an "add user"

Then insert a "user name", choose an access type and click next:

Then you have to create the first group:

 I created a group with full AWS access:

Then move on with creating the user:

 Additional Tags:
 And finally click "create user"
 This will show you a page with an AWS management console URL:

Use this URL to login with the new user:
 (i had to change the passwort - the checkbox "require password reset")

And then i am logged into my AWS Management console with this non-root user:

If you want to login with your root user, you have to use the link blow the "sign in" button:

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