Nov 29, 2018

AWS Billing: Set an alarm to a cost threshold

Knowing about some details about the costs inside aws and some of the services (especially, that Docker, VPNs and Kubernetes are not included in the free trials)

i set an alarm on my account, to get informed about new costs:

So move to "Cloudwatch" and there you have to choose "Alarms":

 Then "Create Alarm":
 And click on "select metric":
 Inside "select metric" click on "Billing" (at the bottom):
And select "Total Estimated Charge"
Select the Checkbox for USD and then "Select metric"
 After that you have to specify an exceed and an e-mail address:
If this is your first alarm you have to verify your e-mail:
 And if the confirmation is done, you will get:
Now the Dashboard shows:

And i got an e-mail with this alarm:

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