May 2, 2018

Operator Framework: Building application with kubernetes

Yesterday redhat announced a new framework to build applications with kubernetes:
The concept of operator framework was build in 2016 from coreos.
CoreOS released the same announcement as redhat. Not really amazing, because:

Here some text snippets from the announcement:
The Operator Framework includes:
  • Operator SDK: Enables developers to build Operators based on their expertise without requiring knowledge of Kubernetes API complexities.
  • Operator Lifecycle Management: Oversees installation, updates, and management of the lifecycle of all of the Operators (and their associated services) running across a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Operator Metering (joining in the coming months): Enables usage reporting for Operators that provide specialized services.
If you are really interested and familiar with kubernetes you can start here.
Let' s wait for the first updates und first success stories...

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