Feb 20, 2018

Oracle Database 18c released! Image-based Installation?

Today i discovered on otn.oracle.com --> database:

The downloads-page looks like the last weeks - 12c is the default...

... but the documentations tab lists 18c:

blogs.oracle.com shows the following:

So the "cloud first" strategy is still in place (by the way: is this something like "america first"?).

The installation procedure looks strange:
Starting with Oracle Database 18c, installation and configuration of Oracle Database software is simplified with image-based installation.
To install Oracle Database, create the new Oracle home, extract the image file into the newly-created Oracle home, and run the setup wizard to register the Oracle Database product.
Using image-based installation, you can install and upgrade Oracle Database for single-instance and cluster configurations.
Oracle shows up this:
 But there is no 18c on OTN for download...

UPDATE: The rpm based installation is ready for download now: https://dietrichschroff.blogspot.com/2018/11/oracle-database-18c-installation-via.html


  1. As much as this is important annother importand question is: When will 18XE be in the wild.

  2. Hi, you can try download 18c version from edelivery.oracle.com

  3. Even in edelivery.oracle.com there is no download package for 18c. It is really "cloud first".

  4. Oracle is not a serious company... Always finding it difficult to give developer something... Oracle apex cloud service free, Oracle database 18c XE. Will they ever comes out?