Jan 14, 2012

Oracle SQL Developer 3.1 Early Adopter is available

Oracle release SQL Developer Release 3.1 EA:

The new features are:
  • RMAN
    Oracle Recovery Manager, is now part of the DBA navigator.
  • Data Pump
    Use SQL Developer's Data Pump UI to import and export your Database, Tablespaces, Schemas, and Tables. Select the option to import and export just the DDL, Data or both. Data Pump also offers scheduling capabilities.
  • DB Diff (DDL)
    DB Diff now provides a more reliable comparison and difference management support of your DDL. 
  • DB Copy
    copy objects, copy a schema or consolidate multiple schemas into one, copy tablespaces, copy DDL, data or both.
  • Migrations
    Migrations in 3.1 include enhancements to Teradata and Sybase.
  • PDF Reports
    The Reports dialog is enhanced for ease of use and flexibility to create or update a report.

The download can be started via this link. You can get the software for 32-bit Windows, 64-bit Windows, Max OS X, RPM for Linux or other platforms (which mean, that no JDK is included).
If you download for other platforms just do the following to install:
  •  Unzip sqldeveloper.zip
  • cd sqldeveloper
  •  sh sqldeveloper

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