Nov 8, 2011

Openafs: Version 1.7.1 Client for Windows

In september 2011 released a new windows version (1.7.1). In this version the following features were changed:
  • OpenAFS is a native Microsoft Windows file system.
  • Significantly faster than the OpenAFS 1.6 release (up to 800MB/second
    read throughput from Solid State Disk backed cache)
  • Does not require the installation of the Microsoft Windows Loopback
  • Provides support for kernel enforced Process and Thread Authentication
  • New Explorer Shell integration including AFS specific property sheets
  • Immediate access to \\AFS namespace after
    system resume
  • AFS Mount Points and Symlinks are File System Reparse Points
These features simplify the usage of AFS! First you do not have to fear windows updates, because of weird changes in some samba routines. Second: AFS really works after standby/suspend to disk. Even working in networks with no access does not require a restart of your afs client...
If you are still working on pre 1.7 releases: UPGRADE!!!
But do not forget to install MIT Kerberos for Windows. This is for 1.7 recommended...

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