May 18, 2011

Openafs: disconnected network drive?!

You are using the Andrew File System?
You like local caching of files and using YOUR filesystem everywhere you go?
On Linux/Unix everything is quite ok?
But on Windows there are many users complaining about the label "disconnected network drive" for every AFS network drive although the drive is connected and working well?

But there are some solutions to get rid of this label:
  1. Read the mail at openafs-info:
    But this does not work on every windows machine. One thing you should take care of is:
    However, if 
    you are using global drives, the explorer shell will not ever remove those
    newly created GUIDs and it will begin to fill up over time with registry
    entries. This is BAD.
  2. Do not use global drives, if possible.
    But how to get your drives mounted? With openafs clients > 1.5.6 you can not manage local drives within the openafs control panel....
    This is not a problem: Just add a network drive and type "\\afs\yourcell\..." and this will be mounted without this ugly "disconnected network drive"-label....
By the way: Openafs plans to add IPv6 support...

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