Sep 8, 2010

Oracle BPM Suite: Overview

In my last posting i provided some links to the documentation. After reading some pages, i will try to give a summary.

Here some explanations to these boxes:
  • BPM Studio = Jdeveloper 11g with BPM installed
  • Business Process Composer = a web-based application that enables business
    users to collaborate with process developers and designers
  • BAM = a complete solution for building interactive, real-time dashboards and proactive alerts for
    monitoring business processes and services
But how do this components fit into Oracle Fusion? Take a look at this picture:

Here you can see, that the BPMN and BPEL Service Engines share the same process core.
The Oracle BPM Engine provides a run-time environment for running business processes. It provides native support for both BPMN and BPEL processes. The Process Core
provides engine functionality that is shared by the BPMN and BPEL engines.
Some of the key functionality performed by the process core includes:
– Manage security
– Generate audit trails
– Invoke services
– Manage persistence
Ok. But why are there two ways for creating business processes? And hwo do they interact with each other?
Here two pictures with typical worksteps:

With knowing all this we are able to start our first project. Finally a screenshot of the business process composer:

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