Jan 31, 2010

"Oracle has finalized the Sun transaction and the deal has closed."

The title of this blogging is from the offical website from oracle "Overview and Frequently Asked Questions for the Developer Community".
So what are the important answers for these questions?

For the near future, all these sites [Sun Developer Network, java.sun.com, and BigAdmin] will remain in their current form.
Java.net is an important part of the community, and Oracle will continue
to invest in it—as well as look for new and better ways to support its
NetBeans.org will continue to be available at the usual URL—no changes.
We will also communicate important admin/Solaris-related news through
BigAdmin's existing newsletter.
But what has changed with closing the deal?
If you try www.sun.com you get redirected to www.oracle.com and you can find the hardware here:

And after some clicks you will see something like this:

If you want to get the sun hardware more quickly, you can use http://catalogs.sun.com.

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