Sep 9, 2009

Oracle SOA Suite 11g: How to start the soa instance...

You tried to install Oracle's SOA Suite 11g?
The installation completed successfully?
You got the login screen like shown in this posting?

Now you can login...

The next screen shows this:

After that there is this fancy gui with some flash components inside:

Yippie! Everything is ok...
Let's take a look at the SOA components:

But stop! There are no SOA components. The manual shows this:

How do i get this additional folder inside the SOA console?
Ok, this is very easy:
/opt/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/soa_domain/bin/ soa_server1 http://localhost:7001
And here we go:

Just a last comment: Stopping this server can be done via command:
./ soa_server1 t3://hades:7001 weblogic oracle10

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