Jul 16, 2009

Rotating cubes, window carrousel: using COMPIZ

You have no glue, what this title means?
Just ask youtube about compiz and watch some movies...

But how to get this? (on a debian system with an ATI mobility radeon X600)

  1. Install a linux kernel <2.6.29 (
  2. Download the ati-driver version 8.12 (Driver Download -> Previous Drivers)
    (with newer drivers the suspend to disk does not work anymore)
  3. Add the fglrx driver into /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  4. Open a X-session with xfce (you can use other, but this works...)
  5. Type compiz --replace
  6. Now you have compiz running, but the window decorations are gone, and no chance to move windows...
  7. Start compiz configuration settings manager: ccsm
  8. Goto window decorations and add /usr/bin/X11/gtk-window-decorator as command
  9. Login again, compiz --replace should work with window decorations
  10. Configure window decorations via gnome-control-center 
  11. Change some parameters via gtk-theme-switch2
Thats all...

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