Feb 22, 2009

Web 2.x: eyePlorer

Today i read about a nice way to search the web:


Ok it is only in beta stage, but a nice idea to visualize searches. The semantic web is coming!
There is also a channel on youtube, where you can watch some clips about this eyePlorer.

Have fun!


  1. Hallo Dietrich,
    thank you for your kind words. We work hard to improve eyePlorer.com every two weeks, and we just posted a new video on YouTube, that explains the idea behind eyePlorer in more details. Maybe this is interesting for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJiSy7Bvsos
    We also have just started a new Version of eyePlorer on http://www.eyeplorer.com/ This new version has more content and even improved usability. For example: drag an eyeSpot onto the "i"-Button to get an explanation, or drag a category-segment out of the eyeMap to get more place for the other ones. Hope you enjoy it.
    Best greetings from sunny Berlin
    martin hirsch (CEO of eyePlorer)

  2. The technology looks very poor and crappy. Its based on simple pattern matching and collocation analysis. The technology behind is also based on a simple activation spreading network which produces the k-graphs - the term here is k-matrix. The graphs are static and precalculated. We must calculate the whole graph new if something changes. Also the content base must contain valid text. The system is not be able to search in webpages, cause the lingustic system behind must analyse sentences. Webpages has quite more problematic text patterns. Sentences are not simple to recognize and extract, it is very domain dependend. Also there is not idea yet to prevent spam and SEO stuff.The system also has yet no ability to recognize invalid statements (Subject-Predicate-Object) like “A headset is human”. In opposite to the suggestion of the name (vionto == visual ontology) the system does not based on any ontology which follows an official definition.