Sep 24, 2008

Oracle BPEL PM New features

Some days ago i made my first tests with BPEL PM If you are interested for a full list of the new features you should read the official release notes. Here the summary from Oracle:

  • Improved Visibility of Engine Threading Model
  • Improved Statistics Collection
  • Minimize XML Coding Errors
  • Rescuing Lost Instances
  • Automated Recovery Agent
  • Collection of Support Information
  • Deployment Plan
I will show a few screenshots to the first three topics, but for an impression of, this should be enough:

In there is a graphical representation to monitor the threading model of the BPEL PM. In the old one, you only got the numbers without a history:

This gui should be very helpful for performance tuning and finding bottle necks.

Another enhancement is the analytics tab placed in the processes view. There you can investigate for each activity of the BPEL process the times for
  • count
  • avg-cpu
  • min-cpu
  • max-cpu
  • avg-wall (this number is always the same like avg-cpu)

And you can investigate the sources for the activities by clicking on the + symbol.

At processes view Oracle added another tab "Validate XML". This is nothing special, just a validation of the XML against the XSD of the BPEL process, but it is nice to have it inside the BPEL Console, so you can stay at the BPEL Console and debug what is wrong with you entrance message.

At the BPEL Console these three enhancements have been introduced from Oracle. In the release notes you can find:
Goal is to make BPEL Console the only place you'll need to go

There are some other enhancements (not at GUI level), maybe i will write about them in another posting...

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